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Master Koh Kim Kok, international Wushu trainer and judge, is one of the foremost Traditional Yang Shi Taijiquan trainers in the region. With major international accolades to his credit, he is personally responsible for leading the national team to regional and international medals.

Master Koh inherits the tradition through the famous masters Lim Bo Yan, Tung Ying Jie and Yang Cheng Fu. His Traditional Yang Shi Taijiquan 108 Shi routine is the original taught by the young Yang Cheng Fu and retains much of the flavour and applications of Yang style Taijiquan. Known for its even tempo, fluid postures and graceful power, Yang style Taijiquan is beneficial to regaining and maintaining health, calming the mind and increasing fitness.

Don't miss the rare opportunity to learn from the best, and experience the beauty of this wonderful art. You are welcome to visit any of our classes, we'd be happy to address any queries you may have.

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