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Among all the Wushu-boxing judges trained by the late Mr Gao Changming, drafter of the South-East Asia Wushu Competition Rules, Xu Jinge is the best.

In addition to his training in Singapore, he has been well-trained abroad for three times. He has eventually become a good International Wushu Judge and International Wushu-boxing Judge as well as an International Wushu Trainer in Singapore.

He has been regarded as a Wushu authority and the No.1 Wushu-boxing judge of Singapore and South-East Asia. On the arena, he is speedy, brisk and sharp-sighted, just like a hunting tiger.

Since 1978, Xu Jinge has been working as a secretary of Wushu Team of Singapore National Wushu Federation. He has been contributing his skills and knowledge to train the competitors of Singapore Wushu Team. He is now a committee member and vice General Secretary of Singapore National Wushu Federation. He is also working as the Supervisor of Competition Department and vice Supervisor of Wushu Team for the Federation.

"A Wushu-boxing Judge on the arena must have certain basic Gongfu and more importantly, quick response and decisive judgment, as well as an objective attitude." Said Xu Jinge upon interview.

He has all the above abilities. I remember when he was a judge at one of the combats of the Fifth South-East Asia International Chinese Wushu Boxing Competition. He was so outstanding that all the Judges sang high praise of his performance.

At that combat, the two boxers became really annoyed at each other, so they began to attack each other with highly dangerous actions. Just at this critical moment, Xu Jinge dashed between them and pushed them apart. Both of the boxers were much taller and bigger than him, but neither could stand Xu Jinge's force and both fell backwards many steps away. He successfully neutralized the situation in time.



In his early years, Xu Jinge liked Praying Mantis and is still quite good at it. Then he dedicated himself to Taiji Quan. He began to learn from Master Lin Boyuan (AKA Lim Bo Yan, Lin Bo Yan) since his childhood. In 1985, he stepped up his learning from Master Yang Zengduo, current representative of the Yang Family. At the same time, he also learned Xiaojia Wu Shi Taiji from Master Li Bingci.

In 1983, he learned Chen Shi Taiji from Master Zhu Tiancai, famous Chen Shi Taiji Master from China. Then he furthered his learning with Master Chen Xiaowang when he came to Singapore. In 1988, Xu Jinge learned Chen Shi Taiji Hand-push from Master Feng Zhiqiang.

Xu Jinge mastered both Nei-jia and Wai-jia Gongfu. In early 1976, he was the all-round winner of Taiji Quan, Sword and Spear in the National Wushu Competition held by Singapore National Wushu Federation. In 1984, he represented Singapore to participate the First "Taiji Quan, Sword Conference & Competition" in Wuhan, China and won Gold Medal of Chen Shi Taiji Quan.
Article translated by Li Ming Shu from "Xin Jia Po Wu Lin Ren Wu: 'Singapore's martial arts luminaries.'"

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